Looking for Health in the Right Places

There are a plethora of amazing new wellness methodologies and health technologies from around the world that have become accessible on the Internet, for wider enjoyment. Not only are people learning about great resources like our local spa, and this website, using the mobile Web. They also learn actual therapies and skills, as well as global trends -- since we find that they are intent to try certain treatments, even before they are available as services in a given community.


Going Global, Inside-Out


There has been a lot of attention upon the personal expansion of individuals using the Web, in order to live better both within their own communities as well as outside, on the global scene. Early fears of continuing along the path of the Internet (as a massive social and cultural force), we might say, had been somewhat similar to the past fears related to television. The big difference, of course, is in the area of the personal interaction -- whether of mere viewers versus the active ‘users’ of the Web.


It could be said that being inter-active generally (in other words engaged with one's life, intimately and energetically) is a sign and proof of a more healthful outlook. Movement is, and has been since the Greeks, associated with vigour and bodily health. In the current day, serious consideration is going towards the question of balancing activity with enough repose, and freedom from action. People are picking up on the subtler truth that even during movement and activity, stillness of mind can and should be experienced, which basically is an Eastern concept.


In the West, contemporary wisdom contains the awareness that our overly busy lives, relentless focus upon making money, constantly wired,  caffeinated states of mind and body, and, compromised diets and eating rituals, all contribute to illness, unwellness, chronic depression or disease. The link between (or even the sameness) of the body-mind means that a simple shift into balance is enough to steer clear of most ailments or cure conditions based primarily upon unnecessary stress (which is only self induced stress).


The Bottom Line


Many of us are so eager to regain balance in our lifestyles, in addition to receiving wonderful therapies or body work, we want (in typical Westerner fashion) to get it as fast as possible. Since that urgency is counter productive, although well intentioned, the first positive step is to just chill out, as it were. Again, the paradox of restful activity, stress free movement, is there for us to understand and experience.


Despite the great usefulness of the mobile Web -- the richness of its content, diversity of sources, worldwide scope, and time-saving conveniences -- our challenge while integrating more natural and healthful practices and methods is to consciously detach from rushing. Interestingly, many people are finding that balance, even while being productive, using a bit of reverse psychology: give time to play a game once in a while -- to smell the online flowers, so to speak.

That may be the motive of many of the millions of people who have discovered games featured at casinos online in 2015. Far from the high concentration of holding a poker face, or the stress of stakes, many games inside modern Web casinos can be relaxing. This is an example of the idiosyncratic ways each of us find online to craft more relaxed lifestyles -- not always according to common sense. 

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